Group Media Novastella s.r.o.  is a modern and dynamic company that takes the best of its eight year history and is constantly evolving. We were the first in the world to launch free live internet television, and now we are developing a project to raise media standards. We want everyone who wants, regardless of education, nationality and skin color, to be a part of it.

Wishing  to take advantage of the opportunities for obtaining information via the Internet, six years ago we started preparations for the launch of Internet television and on 05.03.2013 we founded Novastell TV - the first free online Internet TV in the world, protected by copyright (Copyright to the OW number 68396 And OW 121270).


In 2019, we began preparations for the arrival of the live broadcast program in 4K and 3D technology. SOON we will be able to offer our clients a holographic TV program.

During our previous work, given our existing media, all in order to fulfill our modest business plan, we launched the online radio station Radiostella, which will soon start broadcasting, and the online magazine The Cronicle magazine, which is published once a month.


With the development of technology, there was a need to establish Group Media Novastella s.r.o. , which was founded in 2019 by a Croatian, Italian and Czech firm based in the Czech Republic, Karlovo náměstí 290/16, 120 000 Praha2, Nové Město. 


The basis of our business idea and vision of our work is in the constant development, positive changes in business, learning and improving our work, as well as in investing in human resources driven by optimism, creativity, ambition and responsibility.  We want to contribute to the well-being of our society, and to encourage cultural and socio-economic progress.  


Group Media Novastella s.r.o. is guided by the principles of business ethics and strives to achieve reliable and long-term business relationships and significant results.  Therefore Group Media Novastella s.r.o. wants to set significant principles and standards of work in the field of mass media.

We pay special attention to the development of our own information network, therefore open offices in London, Berlin, Vienna, Ljubljana, Zagreb, Trieste, Paris, Kiev, Sofia and Moscow, and intensive preparations are underway to open a branch in Japan, China and Belgium, which will soon start operating.In the near future we will also open offices in several countries of the European Union.  We want to open branches around the world in order to be able to provide high quality and fast information services to our viewers all over the world.


In addition, our goal and mission is to engage our viewers in the process of creating television and radio programs and magazines, as our correspondents around the world in order to be able to receive timely and reliable information about the events seen by our viewers.  


At GroupMedia Novastella we truly believe that people are our primary asset. To move forward it is imperative that we not only empower our people, but also provide appropriate training for personal development and a good career path. Our success is your success and results are shared among all. By operating a good reward and recognition policy, we maintain a high level of motivation and dedication so that our people are able to grow both individually and as a team.

Our values: 

  • We set high goals 
  • We expand the borders of providing information 
  • We work honestly 
  • We change with time 
  • We are determined to win 
  • We are positive